The Benefits of Water Soluble CBD

Why water soluble CBD is superior to oil-based products for your dog or cat

There is an abundance of CBD pet products on the market today. Across physical stores and online, you would find a variety of CBD products tailored specifically to pets. Your dogs and cats now have an array of choices from different flavor options, CBD strengths to extracts including full-spectrum CBD, CBD isolates, and/or Broad Spectrum CBD. But there is also an emerging option, the water-soluble CBD.

Generally, most discussions on spectrum and isolate CBD products often center on oil-based mixtures, but do you know that water-based solutions offer the best bioavailability and are generally faster acting? Before we get into the unique benefits of water-soluble CBD for pets, let’s find out first, what water-soluble CBD is about.

What is Water-Soluble CBD?

Water-soluble CBD oils and powders are simplified, Nano-particle CBD that can dissolve in water or other consumable liquids. Unlike traditional CBD oil tinctures that don’t blend well into liquids for very obvious reasons (oil is less dense than water and separates easily), water-soluble products can be mixed in water, regular coffee, tea or other consumable liquids, hot or cold.

Water-soluble CBD products are tiny-sized CBD molecules that can dissolve in water. They are made by breaking down macro CBD molecules into tiny particle-sized molecules or Nano-particles that make for easier absorption into the bloodstream. Due to their size, the Nano CBD particles can easily break down in water, unlike the hydrophobic nature of macro CBD molecules. Nano-particle-sized CBD-infused water is an easy way to get CBD into the bloodstream quicker and more effectively.

For humans and pets alike, the best soluble CBD products are those which are water-soluble, and here are the reasons:

Higher Absorption Rate and Increased Bioavailability: Water-soluble CBD offers the most effective absorption rate than other forms of CBD products. Because animal body by nature is composed primarily of water, so water-based solutions are more easily absorbed into their body. Unlike oils based products that may fall prey to the “first-pass metabolism” when consumed orally, water-based mixtures get absorbed quickly through various mediums including the mucous membrane in the mouth, and the intestinal linings of the small intestine. This provides an advantage of increased effectiveness over oil soluble products.

Water soluble products by their nature guarantee a higher bioavailability of the product for your pets. With water soluble products, less is more and only very little of the substance is wasted through the biological process of digestion.

Pets, due to their size and faster digestion times (12 hours in comparison to human – which is 36 hours) enjoy special benefits with water soluble products. Water soluble products are more importantly beneficial for you cat or dog, and are the best options for them.

Increased Effectiveness: Water soluble products get absorbed faster than regular oil based products, thus making them more effective. With faster absorption, the active ingredients are available to the body much faster than you would get with oil based products. Several studies have noted that water soluble CBD products offers more effectiveness than most oil equivalent because the human/animal body can absorb 100% of the cannabinoid molecules in water based solutions into the body system, and this is not possible with oil-based mixtures.

Water based solution makes more useful active ingredient available for absorption and use. And because they can get absorbed much quicker, it can start to act much faster than oil-based products.

Consistency: Water-based products allow for more consistency with dose. With oil-based CBD mixtures, digestion leave very little active ingredient for absorption into the bloodstream, but with water-soluble mixtures, you can be assured that your pet would get all the benefits of CBD consistently with every dose. You also don’t run the risks of overdosing or underdosing with Nanoparticle CBD, because what you give is what the body gets.

This factor is especially beneficial for pets with low tolerance thresholds. Pet owners can rest assured of the consistency in dosing for their furry friends when they use water-soluble CBD.

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